Patrick Allred

Audio Programmer


My name is Patrick and my goal is to make any game I work on sound great whether that is with implementation, composing or sound design.


If you are:

  • A developer looking for custom music, audio programming, or sound design for an upcoming project

  • Tired of being nickle and dimed for every sound asset and want to know exactly what it will cost up front

  • Fed up with contractors that don’t quite speak the same language or flake out on you at the last minute

Then you have come to the right place.

My philosophy is to work with you to make your upcoming project exactly the way you vision it and make it sound amazing.

So what makes me different?

  • I’ve build my own projects in Unity and Unreal and know the frustrations that can come when everything is on just your shoulder

  • I constantly challenge myself with new projects that expand my skills and refine my art

  • I can bridge the gap of communication between the audio and programming world

  • I make some tasty pulled pork tacos ;)

  • Seriously!


I currently have an Associates degree in C++ programming from Houston Community College and am pursuing a Bachelors in software development with Western Govenors University. I have been classically trained and have played the trombone for roughly 20 years. I have an eclectic taste and love listening and creating new music from around the globe. With these skills I am able to tackle a wide range of problems from composing large symphonies to implementing with Wwise to making strange beep boop noises to constructing beastly audio engines.

If you have an audio problem, Let me help fix it!

Patrick Allred

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